The Exec


Kerry Bray – President


I’m Kerry, my job is basically to organise any tournaments we hold here (this year our Fresher’s tournament and Second Team Nationals!) and generally to help out other members of the exec 🙂 smile. I joined Korfball cause I wanted to try something completely new, and I thought the idea of a mixed sex sport sounded like it could make a more relaxed and fun atmosphere than things like Netball, and it’s proving to be one of the best decisions I made all year! Korfball’s a mix between mental and physical power, it’s really fast paced and tactical at the same time, but it’s the feeling of having a great team around you who are up for having a good time (as well as winning) that makes Korfball the best club on campus for me wink😉

James Read – 1st Team Captain


Hannah Darwin- Coach 

Rebecca Thrower- 2nd Team Captain 

Dulcie Parcell- Coach

Chris Thompson- Coach

Alex Wilson- Chairman 

Rob Maidstone- Social Secretary 


 I joined the club at the start of the 2010/2011 academic year when I was in my third year. I joined after my friend (who was the LUKC president at the time) convinced me that it wasn’t a made up sport, and that it might actually be a fun way to keep fit.

He was right!! The sport is good exercise and combines fast paced movement with clever tactical play. In addition, due to the mix of guys and girls (and without some of the over competitiveness which exists in other sports clubs), the socials are great fun and I’ve made some proper good friends through the club.

George Hirst – Social Secretary

Joe Walker- Publicity Officer


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