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We have moved to a new website! Check it out for all the latest information and news from Lancaster Korfball Club 2013/14


Are you coming to Lancaster this October? Plan to make the most of your time at uni? Want to join a friendly club and meet some crazy new people? And play a sport dedicated as the worlds only fully mixed-sex sport?

Fancy taking up a sport that’ll take you to destinations all over the UK, where you’ll meet, play, and party with other Korf-mad students, just like yourself?  If so, then there’s only one club you need to join this Freshers’ Week – LU.K.C.

With a first, second and development team there are plenty of opportunity’s to play and learn the game.

The majority of our current players had never even heard of Korfball let alone played before joining the club, so do not be apprehensive, come on down to training and you’ll soon pick it up!

We also host our annual ‘Freshers Tournament’ in mid October where teams throughout the UK will be brining their beginners to play and there is no better way to learn the game than playing it.

We hope to see you at any of our taster sessions during freshers week (Dates to be published)  or if you miss them you are welcome down to training any time.

You can find us on Facebook :

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


We have moved to a brand new website. Check it out

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St Andrews

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St Andrews , a set on Flickr.

St Andrews beach tournament

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korf by lanckorf
korf, a photo by lanckorf on Flickr.

Week One (President Summary)

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This weekend has been a long one for LUKC. It all began at 5:00AM when the alarm went off and 13 bleary eyed korfballers dragged themselves out of bed and onto a minibus for the long haul to Nottingham. All 13 dressed as geeks, with the most ridiculous being Rob Maidstone and the most convincing being Chris Thompson. We hit the courts and played some incredible korfball all day and finished 5/20 (5th out of 20) Another brilliant results. Then following a lively night out in nottingham from which i hear the highlight of the night was a “Retro Danceoff” between Alice Marshall and Chris Thompson leading to Chris schooling Alice on the dancefloor and causing other members of the korfball world to exclaim…and i quote…”Lancaster cant dance.” We headed to manchester to play our first league games of the season.

Lancs one stepped onto the court first against Bengals. We played amazing and saw some incredible debuts from James Read and Adam Bell. With Adam Bell scoring one of the best running in shots i have ever seen. Unfortunately today wasn’t going to be our day and only 5 of our 200 shots went in where as bengals scored 5 out of 10 shots. So so unlucky but an amazing game which again led to  exclamations  from spectators with comments such as “well Lancaster look like a well organised and well oiled machine this year.” … and we really did.

Lancs 2 next had a team running so scared that they forfeited the game out of pure fear of our freshers. Automatic win 10-0 – Awesome

Lancs 1 again headed out of the dressing room and onto the court to face one of our toughest games in the league, warriors 2. With no shortage of experience in the warriors team it was a surprise to lancaster 1 completely dominating them from the off. After 6 months not playing together we certainly had not forgotten how to play together. There was complicated moves, great feeds, awesome runners, brilliant drop offs, side feeds,  phenomenal  collects and recycling of the ball and i’ve run out of adjectives so just believe me when i say it was an ineffable performance. Kerry Bray was on absolute fire with a host of runners past her girl and scoring 3, again the newbies, Bell and Read played excellently as did everyone. A win for Lancs 10-3.

Special mention to our girls, they really were the difference in this game and it’s so good that this year we have equally as good girls as boys. This noted especially when becca scored a beauty from miles away in the first game.

Final game of the day saw lancaster 2 take on renegades a team that have been known to cause problems against great teams. An incredible game that saw 6 freshers/first time players debut. And what a debut! Amazing game, great structure, well organised and lots and lots of goals. Liam Hampton scoring 7 goals has to be mentioned but everyone else was playing amazing too and most got on the score sheet with the game ending 13-5. Looks like Leah Radford has already made this team her own and she currently takes her side to the top of the northwest league….Incredible results and well played to everyone.

I am so so excited about the prospects of this year in korfball.

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